Property Management



A broad range of property management services are now delivered through Anzal Property Management Sdn. Bhd..


Our professional services:


Our property management team is highly experienced in all aspect of building management work. Our property managers ensure that the value of client’s investment is sustained or enhanced, rental returns are optimized and client’s tenants' needs are well manage.

As your property manager, we will be responsible for various management task and vital to the effective operation within the building management. Some of our main scopes of work are:-

Administer building maintenance account in accordance with Strata Titles Act and Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act. 

    • Collect service charges, water charges, sinking fund, insurance and quit rent from purchasers / strata title owners. 
    • Prepare monthly financial report which meet the requirement of Strata Title Acts. 
    • Prepare monthly Operational and Technical Report. 
    • Ensure all maintenance works are carried out systematically in good workmanship at competitive pricing. 
    • Employ, administer and supervise staff and servicing contractors to achieve optimum physical standard and services for the subdivided building.
    • Undertake periodical physical inspections to ensure all building components are maintained in accordance with good maintenance practice. 
    • Enforce House Rules stipulated by Developers under the Sale and Purchase Agreement as well as house rules made by Management Corporations / Joint Management Body (JMB).
    • Advise and guide the developer on the formation of Joint Management Body (JMB) and subsequently Management Corporations (MC) on issuance of Strata Titles. 
    • Prepare draft notices and the necessary forms for Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Management Corporation / Joint Management Body (JMB). 
    • Co-ordinate the running of AGM of Management Corporations / Joint Management Body (JMB). 
    • Advise JMB/MC on their functions and duties.

We major principle of management in any form of real estate management is to have a well organized system that maintains the value of the building. In an income producing asset this will entails a service that supports the income stream to the building.

Our qualified property managers has previously managed for numerous commercial office and retail complexes and residential high-rise in Kuala Lumpur.